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our mission


Displaying posters, giving out flyers and spreading the message against sexual assault at music events as far as we can. Creating valuable connections with all areas of the music industry to tackle the issue from all angles.


A visible area of support at all of our events where victims can go if they need (or want) to talk to someone about their experience. We want all members of the crowd to know that there is a place to go if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


Although it may seem obvious, urging venues to reinforce clarity that perpetrators will face consequences if they are caught. Sexual assault is a crime and should, therefore, be taken seriously with sufficient punishment in place. We want all venues to have sufficient policy in place.


To work closely with the campaign Good Night Out who run training sessions in how to successfully respond to sexual assault, this is an organisation we are currently recommending venues to engage with. We want this to become a necessity form of training for all live venues.

Image by Nick Moore

We pride ourselves as an active network between victims, music industry staff and other organisations working towards similar goals. Girls Against aims to direct victims to effective support and join forces with all parties to ensure future safety.

Audience Sitting During a Concert

Ultimately, Girls Against's goal is to educate live music audiences and see progress in the elimination of misogyny in the industry. Partaking in educational research and producing resources to discover the most effective ways to ensure all parties enjoy their music experience.


our promises

At Girls Against we pride ourselves on maintaining our core values in everything we do.


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