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about us

'Girls Against is a nonprofit organisation standing up against sexual assault and misogyny in the live music scene. We build valuable educational resources, safe spaces and inclusivity.'

Formed in 2015, we aim to create a conversation within the industry about sexual assault, as well as aiding discussion about other surrounding social and political issues. The campaign acts as a support network for victims, a place where people can come to talk about potentially uncomfortable gig experiences without judgement.


As a campaign, we have expanded hugely since forming. With over 18,000 followers on twitter, as well as being on the big screens at Reading and Leeds in both 2016 and 2017, we believe that we have helped to establish a discussion and recognition surrounding sexual assault at gigs. We have received press coverage from companies such as the BBC, NME, The Guardian, The Independent and many others. We have also received support from a variety of bands and artists.

Girls Against plays a very important role regarding safety at live music events. Although starting small, we aim to tackle larger institutions, such as venue management and security firms, by implementing clear guidelines to approach the issue of sexual assault effectively and with compassion, something that we believe is not done enough in the industry. It is extremely important to have the support of venues in achieving the aims of Girls Against. We strive to work together with venues, as well as other organisations, to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, and ensure that sexual assault is not brushed under the carpet.

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